Pastor’s Schedule

Pastor Dale’s schedule during June through August

Dale in Stamford
            6/1-4, 6/10-18, 6/24-7/9, 7/15-23, 7/29-8/2, 8/7-20, 8/26-9/3
            Church phone: 607-652-7242
            Church email:
            Dale email:
            Dale phone (cell-doesn’t always have signal): 814-323-0123

Dale in Wattsburg      
            6/5-9, 6/19-23, 7/10-14, 7/24-28, 8/21-25

Dale vacation 8/3-6            

            Wattsburg landline phone : 814-739-9537
            Dale email:
            Dale phone (cell-doesn’t always have signal): 814-323-0123

Best way to connect is the email or the Wattsburg landline.

For the full days in Stamford, the office schedule will normally be:

            Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday   11:00-4:00
            Tuesday   1:00-4:00
            Saturday   11:00-2:00

Evening meetings as needed

Note: Check the church web site for schedule changes

For pastoral emergency when I am in Wattsburg, please call or email
I will respond as best as I can. Also, Judy Gage has agreed to provide backup. Judy’s cell phone is 607-206-9573.

This schedule is an experiment designed to provide the same overall pastoral time, reduce my driving and allow me to take part in family events. The session will be monitoring how it works. If you have comments, please let a session member or me know.

Shalom,   Dale